USB 3.1 Type C Plug Connector 24 Pin Male

USB 3.1 Type C Plug Connector 24 Pin Male

Product:USB 3.1 Type C Plug 24 Pin Male

Model No.:800403

Description:This USB 3.1 Type C Plug 24 Pin Male is designed for USB 3.1 Type C cables or those devices who need a male interface of USB 3.1 C type


  1. USB Type C plug
  2. SMT type (without PCB)
  3. Pin Number: 24 Pins
  4. Contact: Copper alloy T=0.15mm
  5. Shell: Stainless steel, T=0.15mm
  6. Housing: LCP, UL 94V-0, black
  7. Molding: LCP, UL 94V-0, black
  8. Shielding: Stainless steel, T=0.10mm
  9. Latch: Stainless steel, T=0.35mm
  10. Finish: Gold plated on contact area (1u”,3u”,5u”,10u”,15u”,30u” optional), tin plated on solder tails, 30u” nickel under plated all over, 30u” nickel plated on the shell
  11. Full Speed: 10Gb/s
  12. Current Rating: VBus 5A, GND 6.25A, VCONN 1.25A; Other contact: 0.25A
  13. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 100V AC
  14. Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ min.
  15. Contact Resistance: 40mΩ max.
  16. Insertion Force: 5~20N
  17. Extraction Force: 8~20N (0~1000 cycles); 6~20N (1001~10,000 cycles)
  18. Durability: 10,000 times
  19. Operating temperature: -20℃~+85℃
  20. Brand: NECABLES
  21. ROHS 3.0 & REACH (ED:Jan.15.2018) compliant
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